Sunday 13 July 2014

Helen's Visit: Ashridge Estate

On Wednesday we took Helen to Ashridge Estate, another National Trust Property.  I don't think I have been there before either although 'Mum & Dad' have.  

Ashridge estate is a huge 5,000 acres area of the Chilterns Hills and woodlands, commons and chalk downlands to explore.  So many different landscapes that support a variety of wildlife.  We enjoyed our walk round and saw butterflies and heard various birds, although didn't see many.  We even heard a fox!  Quite unusual for during the day, but quite an unmistakeable sound.

This closed up building is a hunting lodge due for some maintenance and thus all closed up.

We both enjoyed playing Robin Hood and Little John battling...but couldn't make up our minds who was who!

All good fun though, and nobody got hurt.

Unbelievably neither of us fell off either!

Take that!

Ah, you take that!

We battle away...

Soon though we decided to play hide and seek.

Why is it Helen always gets to hide and I have to find her?

Still it is never too hard as her hair gives her away.

Helen is peering round the tree wondering if I can see her.

I can, but she doesn't know it yet..

Aha!  Found you Helen, I call out as I raise my hand to wave at her.

Hi there Henry!

We find some branches to construct a den and get to work.

Helen helps hold the branch in position.

How's it looking Henry?

We find it hard work and don't quite get it finished, but I am sure some other children will have fun with what we built so far.

We go for a walk.

What's that I see Henry?  Helen asks me...

It looks a bit like a dinosaur!

We approach it cautiously.

Well it certainly looks a bit like a dinosaur, but it is just a fallen tree.

We pretend it is one though and have a ride on it.

We had such fun.

Look no hands!  Calls out Helen.

We spend quite a while riding 'our dinosaur'

All good afternoons have to come to an end and it was soon time to make our way home.

Hopefully I will get to go to Ashridge Forest & Estate again sometime.

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  1. Wow - Henry and Helen are AmaZing in these Gorgeous Pictures - What a RomP!
    Love, TiGGy