Wednesday 2 July 2014

Helen's Visit: Hatfield Forest

Today we took Helen to Hatfield Forest.  I haven't been there before so it was a first for me as well, although Mum & Dad have been there with the dogs in the past.  Hatfield Forest is a National Trust Property comprising over 400 hectares of ancient woodland, grassland and ornamental lakes.  It is one of the few surviving medieval royal hunting forests and has fallow deer grazing in it which we actually saw!

We enjoy walking along the shaded board-walk...

It made a huge change from the landscape we saw in Arizona (yet to be posted about)  and Helen said it was a lot cooler here!  

We wanted to go for a boat ride on the lake, but no boats were being taken out today.

Helen and I had fun building a den in the forest.


How did you get up there Helen?

Easy peasy.... 

Well she sure surprised me...climbing up there in a dress as well!

Are you going to come down now?

Umm....I'm not sure I can!

Uh oh, it looks like Helen might be stuck and will need help climbing down.  


  1. looks like you two were having a grand time I know Barbie and I are jealous we would have loved to join you to a cooler spot !!

  2. Hi Henry
    Glad to see Helen decided to visit with you. She's very adventurous, isn't she? Maybe she should borrow some jeans so she can climb around with you boys. It would be a shame to spoil that pretty dress.
    She liked being by the pond too - a very outdoors sort of lass - my kind of Sasha!
    Have fun.
    Jenni xx

  3. Hi Henry lovely to see you and Helen enjoying yourselves in the woods, Hatfield looks great and it is not too far from me xx

  4. Great time Henry and Helen may be hard to keep up with! She looked like she was ready to jump in the water too with her standing on her tip toes! Have fun! :) xx

  5. What a cute story and wonderful pictures of a beautiful forested area. So so glad it was preserved for your two little ones to enjoy. Thanks so much for sharing their adventures :) Diana Merle Nelson