Monday 14 July 2014

Helen's Visit: Meeting with friends at The Gardens of the Rose

Oh look who is over there, it looks like Flora.  I say to Helen.

Hi Flora, this is Helen, she has come to stay with me for a couple of weeks, and then she will be coming to stay with you.  She has come all the way from the USA.  I tell Flora as I introduce her to Helen.

Hi there Helen & Flora.  Stevie says as she approaches.

This is a great place to meet up isn't it?  We chat together wondering what has happened to Amber and her friend who is visiting from The Netherlands.

They soon join us and we chat away while our Mum's look round the beautiful gardens.

Flora, I think you need to relax a bit... we tell her.

I can't, she says.  I am bracing myself as it is quite windy and I am worried about falling over and hurting myself.

We wander off to see what else we can see.

Here I am with Amber's beautiful friend.

Hmm...did she choose this specific place to stop on purpose...'Spice of Life'   I wonder.

Stevie and Flora have found Linnet who has been enjoying the beautifully scented pink roses.

The ground looks so pretty with the lovely rose petals on it.  They stand and chat as only girls can do.

Photos of course were taken while they were deep in conversation.

Linnet is a beautiful side-part (whatever that is supposed to mean, but that is what I heard the grown-ups calling her - she just looks like a girl to me!)  

Flora (again I over heard the grown ups calling her a fringe girl) 

My sister Stevie.

Helen has discovered a gorgeous rose

Oh smell this.  She calls out.  It is lovely!

Oh it is so pretty as well...Helen is entranced by the rose.

What a lovely colour it is.

Redheads in the yellow

Not sure what they are doing in there, but I think they probably are enjoying themselves.

The conversation gets animated.

I think it must be a red head thing...they seem to be able to 'talk for England' even if they are not from here!

Oh look they are at it again...I think Amber has found a very dear friend indeed....she said she always felt a bit 'out of it' with the rest of us, being so different.  Even though I have told her she is beautiful.

I think she looks rather shy here.

(Amber's beautiful friend belongs to the lovely Fanny who we spent a wonderful day with)

Stevie admires the lilac flowers - she does love the colour!

I think Mum got a bit carried away at taking photos of the girls!

We have fun on the maze.

Round and round we go

Linnet decides to have a photo session, 'just like the models do' or at least that is what she said.

Amber has her turn with the purple flowers, which accentuate how beautiful she is.  But shh...don't tell anyone I said that or they will start teasing me!

Some rose, because that is what you do when you go to the rose take photos!

Flora & Linnet caught unaware...

We saw a Red Kite in the air, what a sight!

Fanny with Helen and her lovely girl.

Jocelyn, Mum (Lorraine) & Fanny 

Caught on film by Dad...


Yes, they did a lot of that!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful, sociable day for both you and your Mum! So wish we could have been with you, but we might all have to hibernate again soon - seems like our house might be falling down...... I could do with a good snooze though... so maybe it will be a nice break? Just think of all the great posts on this blog that I'll have to catch up on in the winter when it's cold and miserable and I want computer time, too!
    Bye for now,

    1. Oh no that sounds terrible, I hope you don't have to go into hibernation...but I also hope your house doesn't fall down! Is it a bit like 'The House that Jack Built'? Mum says things around our house were built by 'Bob the Builder'.... as the previous owner was called Bob and he was a builder/decorator...and he seemed to use all the 'leftovers' - we have different coloured wardrobe doors and things that don't quite 'match'.

  2. Henry, your mum takes great photos. My mum really likes the ones of Helen with the roses. The roses form the perfect backdrop for her coloring--according to my mum. No World Cup for you?

    1. No, we don't have a TV, so don't watch the World Cup... I think Dad may have watched it on his computer though...