Friday 4 July 2014

Helen's Visit: Sheffield Park & Garden

Today we took Helen to see Sheffield Park and Gardens...although actually we only had time to walk through the amazing gardens, in part designed by Capability Brown around the four huge lakes in the 18th Century and further developed by the owner Arthur G Soames in the early part of the 20th Century.  There certainly was a lot of things to see and do.

We were first greeted by these wood creatures.

They even let Helen and I ride them which was fun.

Helen was curious to know what these powdery mounds of earth were and I explained moles had made them.

We stood on a tree trunk to watch the changing reflections in the lake.

We didn't go too close as we didn't want to fall in.

There were bridges to walk over, and wooded areas to walk through

Helen talked the whole time about how green it was after our time in Arizona.

Geez, girls can sure talk!

We sat on the bank for a bit of quiet time...

or so I hoped, but Helen still talked!

This was looked a bit like a jail at first, which seemed odd, being in a garden.

We had a closer looked and discovered these big ball like objects...

It seems this was a ram pump which used to be the method of pumping water.  It was very interesting to see...and I would have liked to have seen it working...

We walk on, the garden really was very pretty.

It was lovely to walk alongside the lake.

Of course we got to climb trees which was fun.

Helen may talk a lot, but she sure is a good tree climber.

We play hide and seek.

Helen thought I couldn't see her....

But with that head of red hair, I could hardly miss I could still hear her talking!

We did some more sitting and chatting 

Wow just look at that house in the background...that must be Sheffield Park House.

It was rather Gothic looking...

...and very majestic.  It is still in private ownership...imagine owning a house like that!

We had fun climbing this knarly tree.

You can do it Helen!  

What a great day we had!


  1. Wow, that looks like great fun, Henry and Helen! Gorgeous scenery, too!

    1. A very beautiful place yes, hoping to go again sometime...but not on a Friday to hopefully avoid the trafffic.

  2. Hey Henry and Helen!
    It looks as though you had another great day out. Arizona looks great - Mum always wanted to go there - but WE like greenery best......... We could lIVE in that tree in your last photo.
    NO!!! I'D be Robin Hood, you could be little John, James.
    NO!!!! I said it first, you can't be Robin Hood because....
    Sorry Henry, got to go and sort out my brother - he ALWAYS wants to be boss!
    Talk to you soon,
    Emrys x

    1. Hi Emrys, how are you? We are finally getting to go out to a few places, and now you aren't with us...not fair!

      Arizona was great, but it sure is nice to see the lovely green and colours of good ol' UK.

      The tree was great and would be good for playing Robin Hood...although by the sounds of you two, someone else will have to be Robin Hood! Come on boys, you didn't argue that much when you were here...

      P.S. How do you get your sisters to stop talking if they talk too much...I don't think I have heard anyone talk quite as much as Helen does....