Wednesday 23 July 2014

Helen's Visit: Saying Goodbye

Rory is sitting in his usual spot of late watching the tadpoles and little tiny frogs that are emerging..

Helen and Henry approach him.

It is time to say goodbye do you think Rory will take it?  Helen asks Henry.

Well he is quite a sensitive boy.  Henry replies.

Hi there Rory.   Helen calls out as she waves to Rory.

Rory waves back.   Hiya Helen.

Helen sits down and they chat for a while.

Well Rory, it is time for me to continue on my travels.  Helen tells him.

Rory turns to Henry.  What?  She has to go already?  You  didn't tell me!

I'm sorry Rory, but I didn't want to upset you any earlier than we had to.  Henry explains.

Rory is very sad...

Helen gives him a big hug.  Don't be sad Rory, I had a lovely time, but I have so many other people to visit on my year long journey.  

It's okay Rory, Helen is going to stay with Aunty Jocelyn  next, and she will have lots of fun there as well. Henry tells Rory as he pats him on the back.

But I don't want you to go!  Rory cries.

There, there now Rory,  don't worry, you will be able to see pictures of me...and what I am getting up to.  Helen explains to Rory as she gives him a final big hug.

Rory sits back on his rock and stares into the pond.

Rory, I'm off now...

Bye Helen, Rory says as he quickly turns round to see them, after wiping his tears.

He quickly turns back to the pond as Helen and Henry turn to leave.

Poor Rory, Helen says.  He really is a sensitive lad isn't he?

He is.  Henry agrees...But don't worry, he will soon be absorbed with his frogs and he will be okay.

So how long will it take to get to Aunty Jocelyn's do you think Henry?

I'm not sure...Mum said about an hour at the most....

Henry is putting a brave face on things as he hates goodbyes as well, but knows Helen is going to have lots of adventures of her own and get to meet a great many more new friends and for that he is pleased as he knows how much fun it is meeting new people and making new friends.


  1. Poor old Rory. I think he has a crush on Helen. maybe she could send him a post card sometime?
    Have fun on your travels, Helen!
    Emrys x

    1. I think he probably secretly did... Poor Rory...when we got home he was still sitting by the pond looking glum.

  2. Oh, Rory - I'm so sorry you were sad. But, you know, it's quite the usual thing to feel sad when we say goodbye to friends. Helen asked me to tell you that she's missing you as well - but there will be plenty of photos so that you can see how she's getting on.

    Say hi to the frogs for me! - Jocelyn

    1. Ah, how sweet, Rory is pleased to know that Helen is missing him as well, but hopes she won't be sad like him for too long as he wants her to enjoy her travels. He will look forward to seeing the photos.

      He thinks nearly all the tadpoles have turned into 'almost' frogs now...

  3. Poor Rory, cheer up little fella. Lucky Helen though, visiting everyone, I think she should come and visit Aunty Janet too.

  4. Lovely farewell post for Helen! I love Rory and hope he is feeling better now. The pond is just wonderful and is certain to keep Rory happy with all of its activities! :) xx