Monday 7 July 2014

My Holiday in Arizona - The Grand Canyon: Part Two

Well it seems I didn't get too far on the trail...I remembered I didn't have any water with me, and that is so very important in this many people have died from heat exhaustion and lack of water...sometimes only metres from their vehicles. I decided it best to leave that hike for another day...

Some people were doing the trail though.

I hope they were well prepared and had supplies with them.

The signs gave plenty of information and warnings.

Would have been fun to do it with the Mules...sadly we didn't get to see them.

Every view was different, even if similar...

Interesting fairy/feathery type flowers.

The river

The sun is starting to come down and the richness of the reds shows more.

Different colours in the rocks.

Yeah a tree for me to climb!


Watching the changes as the sun sets.

Sheila and Marti waiting for the sunset...Marti checks my hat is on okay.

The sun setting...the rocks get richer in colour.

The sun sets over the Grand Canyon and our day is over.

I was so exhausted I only just managed to get my shoes off before falling asleep!


  1. I remember you just jumped on the bed and passed out we sure did a lot of walking that day it was so wondrous, you can see why it is one of the wonders of the world !! Well you have that one checked off the list of must see places what other wonders have you seen Henry ?? if you haven`t been to Niagara Falls ,we can go when you come to NY in 2016 !!

    1. Well yes that is one of the Wonders of the World checked off my list... Haven't seen Niagara Falls, so will definitely look forward to that in 2016 :-)

      A lot of walking indeed, and Mum was amazed at how well you coped, especially knowing you were in pain, you were a real trouper...surprised you didn't fall into bed that night as well!

  2. Wow, you saw somwe sights Henry and your mum made some great shots. How fortunate to have been there both of you!

    1. We were very fortunate indeed, and are also so grateful for the opportunity.

  3. See you soon! Fanny

  4. So much fun! Can't wait till we can do it again.

  5. Such a fun day! Can't wait till we can all have another adventure.

    1. Oh indeed, definitely looking forward to when we can all have another adventure...worth saving up for that is for sure.

  6. Truly MAGNIFICENT and so wonderfully captured on camera that I really thought that I was there with you all.
    So pleased that you didn't attempt that trail that day (with having no bottled water with you) as I need you for another day and adventure as it looks as if this is the only way that I'm ever going to get a glimpse of these 'wonders of the world!'