Tuesday 8 July 2014

My Holiday in Arizona - Yabba Dabba Doo & the Double Eagle

Wednesday morning was time to head back to Phoenix...  we made several stops along the way, the first being at Bedrock!

What are we on here I wonder?

That's correct a dinosaur!  Or rather dinosaur bones!

Yabba Dabba Doo!  Hello there Fred Flinstone!

I got to steer the car...

Off we go!

Hello Fred!

You are awfully big, way up there...we can hardly see all the way to the top of Fred.

We never realised just how big Fred Flintstone was!

Grab my hand Barbie and I will help you up.

Come on, just stretch a little further...

It is just too far, I can't reach!  Barbie tells me and Helen.

Helen and Barbie say hello to the deer.

I say hello to this chappy.  He isn't very talkative so before long I leave him...

Hello there, do you have an itch?

You do?  Do you want me to scratch it for you, or can you manage?

Mum, can you make me one of these?

Pleeeaaassseee...it will be really good fun to have one of these in the garden!

Mum muttered something about possibly... which surely is another word for YES!

Oh dear...fair warning!

Hello there bones!

Another not so talkative chap.

Yeah ha, ride 'em cowgirl!  Helen tries her hand at riding a wild stallion.

Look at that gal ride!

She sure can stay on well.  Poor Barbie looks like she got the tail end to ride!

My turn!

Barbie still hanging on there.

Look one hand only!

Helen trying some tricky riding....on the very tip of the tail...not sure how the Stallion likes that!

She looks like she is hanging on tight...whereas Barbie seems to finally relaxed a bit and is rather laid back in her riding approach.

Fantastic coloured sky - very hot and very bright.

Last ride before we try something else.

Helen pretends she lives in the tepee.

I tell her tepee's weren't really correct for that area...she retorts with neither is her dress, but she doesn't care...it is the spirit of the imagination that counts.  We agree.

She wants a password for entry though...Barbie is baffled...a password?

It seems Helen wasn't to be budged, so off we went to have a look round at some more things.

Hello Mr Roadrunner.

How do you do?

Oops, that looks prickly!

Hi there, you handsome looking bird...

Do you think I could have a ride on you?

Ouch, don't touch Barbie, they are VERY prickly!

Seems she isn't to be warned....

Helen in the meantime has found something else to ride.

I wonder how fast this creature can run?

Seems like she is holding on well.

I get to ride the Roadrunner...

Barbie has a ride on the lizard creature.

Helen rides the other roadrunner.

Helen and Barbie having another final 

This is the place we stopped at.  

Just as many goodies to look at inside the shop as outside it.

Mum got a phone call from the Sailor while she was here, so she didn't get to spend too much time inside...but we had a good time...

I wonder if this is Double Eagle?

A display inside the store.

We eventually leave to embark on more of our trip towards Phoenix...with a couple of interesting stops beforehand.....to be continued...

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  1. Fantastic photos and what a great time Henry!!! So many colorful things to see and new things to do. Thank you for sharing your action packed time with us!! xxx