Saturday 12 July 2014

My Holiday in Arizona - Tombstone

So back tracking slightly, our Friday morning was not spent at Kartchner Caverns as originally planned, (we had to go back just after lunch for our tour) but rather in Tombstone...

This was the first thing I saw as we drove into the really was like stepping back in time!

There was barely a road to speak of...apparently they did at one stage experiment with turning it back into a dirt road, but as you can imagine the dust became a huge problem...

Wow, here we are at the site of the O.K. Corral Gunfight!

Some of the characters in the town.

This stagecoach was being taken through the town and you could go for rides on it.

We just watched...I would have liked to have gone for a ride but the big people said there wasn't enough time.

So I just enjoyed watching the horses.

Lots of interesting buildings.

Yikes, I didn't want to go in there!

Inside one of the saloons that was closed...all the original wood work.

The Bird Cage Theatre was a combination of theatre, saloon, gambling parlour and brothel that operated for eight years from 1881 - 1889 during the height of the silver boom.

It was said to be one of the wildest places in the country and more than 120 bullet holes are evident throughout the building.  It was open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, operating continuously.  The 'cages' were boxes situated on two balconies on either side of the main central hall.  These boxes had drapes that were drawn where the clients were 'entertained'...the main hall also contained a stage and an orchestral pit where live shows were performed.

It is said that the basement poker room is the site of the longest playing poker game in history, played continuously 24 hours a day for eight years, five months and three days!  Apparently legend says that as much as $10,000,000 changed hands during this marathon game.  WOW!  

The theatre was closed  and sealed in 1889 when the town went bust due to ground water seeping into the mines.  

This building wasn't opened again until 1934 when it was purchased.  Imagine the surprise the new owners had when they opened it up and discovered that almost nothing had been disturbed in all those years.  It has been a tourist attraction ever since.

There are the original paintings and posters on the walls.

This fine gentleman gave a very informative speech on the theatre.

The steps where you can see how thin they have worn from all the boots that have walked up them in the 8 years it was operating.

More sights around the town. 

It was such a spectacular day and everything was very colourful against the backdrop of the blue sky.

Our next stop was for a drink...

We went into Big Nose Kate's Saloon.

Again all original wood work and counters.

There was so much to look at in here.

Fabulous stained glass windows in the front of the saloon.

I just didn't know where to go to pose for some photographs...

Mum said where I chose, wasn't really age appropriate...

I'm not sure I knew what she meant, nor what the sign means, but it was all a bit of fun playing with the feather thingys.

A little later I experience a little 'moonshine'  ooh ah...

The highlight was getting my photo taken by these two super cool cowboys.

Thanks guys, you made my day!

Looking back on them as we are starting to head back for the car as the time had come that we needed to head onwards towards our next destination.

Although still time for a few more photo opportunities.

Hi there!

The Town Hall

Right next to the town hall, something we never expected to see was this wonderfully colourful and green garden!  Fancy seeing a rose garden in Arizona!  I believe this was originally Emily Morton's boarding and pleasure house.  It apparently features hardwood floors and ceilings, rose etched and lead-glass windows and a Victorian parlour.  There is a 'tin' ceiling and 'antique' chandelier in the dining room.  At some stage it has been a bed and breakfast, but whether it still is wasn't clear.  What was obvious was how beautiful and well cared for the gardens were.  A little oasis in the desert.

Leaving the court house and the beautiful garden we walked back to the car taking a few more photos on our way.

Touristy and fun, it was wonderful to get to visit Tombstone and we really enjoyed our morning there.

The afternoon was spent  as mentioned in the previous post by visiting Kartchner Caverns.

The day was finished by visiting Ann Chandler in hospital. Poor Ann had fallen and broken her leg/ankle on the last morning of the Festival.   We took in a bunch of flowers and a vase, and I gave her a special little flower and she gave me a big kiss when we left.  She was in good spirits and we spent a couple of hours with her.

Helen and I give her our best get well wishes.

Bye Ann, hope you heal well, our thoughts are with you on the road to recovery!

In the last instalment of 'My Holiday in Arizona' posts I will show the fabulous souvenirs I got of my time there.


  1. Another wonderful post and I love seeing the town especially the cowboys and the garden! A perfect ending to see Ann's beautiful smile and on her way to a speedy recovery! :) xxx

  2. Henry, what a treat to read about your visit to Tombstone, and see the pictures! For some reason, though, as I was looking at some of them, (I think you know which ones,) that old country song kept running through my mind, "Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys"! It looks like you had a great visit with Ann, too, and I'll bet seeing you and Helen really cheered her up!

    1. Hi there! It was lovely to be able to visit Ann before we left and to give her our get well wishes.,,..

      Giggling about you thinking about the song...

      So glad you liked our pictures, we were so very lucky to have that experience and wanted to share it.

  3. Oh Henry - you had Such Adventures in the Real West - Your dip into the Moonshine had me so giggling! The cowboys took you right in as one of their own, and how very sweet of you to visit your friend who fell, her twinkling eyes and smile show how very much that meant Dear Sweet Henry <3
    LoVe, TiGGy

    1. Hi there TiGGy, I had the most bestest time there! I did some giggling dipping into that Moonshine as well...but then I fell asleep as I felt a bit queasy...

      It was lovely to see Ann and hopefully she will be up and dancing by Christmas...that is her goal!

  4. What a wonderful trip, I loved seeing all the pictures and reading the blog - such great pictures 🥰🥰

    1. It was an absolutely amazing trip, I feel so lucky that I travelled when I did, as not sure I'll ever be able to travel like this again. Did you see the previous post in the cemetery?