Sunday, 20 July 2014

Helen's Visit: Playing!

Race you Helen!

Whoa, not too fast...I'm still a bit wobbly on here Henry.

Really?  I thought you had ridden a bike before Helen?

Well I think it must have been a long time ago Henry or this bike is a lot bigger than I am used to.

Eventually Helen gains her confidence and we have a fun bike ride.  

After the bike ride Helen enjoys the swing chair.

All we need now is an ice cream!

We look for frogs...

Look there is one!  Helen points out.

Isn't he cute?

I bet Rory is thrilled about all the baby frogs in here.

He sure is!

We watch the frogs for a bit longer, before going to find Rory to tell him about the latest frogs we saw.

How many?  He asks.

We saw at least three baby frogs and several 'almost frogs'  We tell him.  Discussing frogs with Rory is always a good ploy if you want him to do something else as well.

We manage to talk a reluctant Rory into being an umpire for our quotes game.

Yeah!  I got the bulls eye.  Yells Helen.

How did you manage that?

I'm just super good at throwing!  Helen tells me.

Rory looks intently...he is sure there wasn't any cheating going on...

Seems Helen won fair and square.

Rory is pleased...he can go and check on his frogs and tadpoles now.


  1. Oh You have the LuckiesT Pals Henry - So many Wonderful toys, bikes, games and even tadpoles into frogs - Henry, you really know how to LiVE! Love Visiting w/ Ya! ~ LuV, TiGGy

    1. Lots of fun indeed TiGGy, so glad you came to visit.

  2. Good to see the quoits in use again and the bicycles, this is definitely the weather for garden games.

    1. Oh yes and it was such fun. You wouldn't believe we got out earlier now though as we have thunder, lightening and rain!

  3. Lovely photos of Henry, Helen and Rory in the yard! I am so happy at the success of your pond. It is great to see the frogs thriving! Love the bicycles and swing too--a fun day! :) xxx