Friday 28 June 2013

Cornwall - The First Day.

Well after a very long journey - over five hours we finally arrived in Wadebridge, Cornwall.  

We are staying in a great cottage overlooking the Camel Estuary.

I show Pinny the great view, as it is the second time I have stayed here.

We are hoping the weather clears up as it is quite grey!

This is the cottage...Percy our Chihuahua puppy is exploring the garden.

I take Pinny for a walk round the garden and we admire the view.

Later on in the evening we get our pyjamas on and get ready for bed.

We are so excited about the adventures we are going to be going on, I wonder if we will get any sleep?

We talk until quite late...

eventually falling asleep, only to awake early in the morning!


  1. The journey to Wadebridge is long but worth it. we have caravanned in that area, near Boscastle and Tintagel.

    1. It is certainly long! A lovely area indeed though. We hope to go back in May next year to try and get to see all the gardens in flower.

  2. What a lovely start to the holiday and a really pretty place to stay. Percy is growing 'big' and what a great garden to play in. I'd imagine the kids didn't really sleep much on their first night!

    1. The kids talked all night! A great garden indeed. All the dogs loved it, but Percy especially enjoyed it.

  3. Lovely holiday cottage in a great position with super views. Have a wonderful time once again exploring fantasic Cornwall.