Tuesday 11 June 2013

Taking the dog for a walk.

Not such a nice day today but Pinny and I got a chance in the afternoon to take Humphrey for a walk.

Sometime later we return, Pinny has enjoyed throwing a stick for Humphrey.

Shall I throw it for him one last time? She asks.

Humphrey begs as if to say oh yes do!

Go fetch then Humphrey.  Pinny throws the stick and Humphrey goes bounding after it.


  1. Great stuff as ever, the cover photo is just amazing!

  2. Pinny is settling in nicely and looking really very relaxed on her holidays in England! I think she and Henry are going to really enjoy their time together!

  3. Hi Humohrey, so nice to see everyone enjoying the day :)

  4. Wonderful...charming and delightful....brings a smile to my face. Awesome theme and carried out so well :)

  5. Love the photo of Henry begging for Pinny to throw the stick for him to fetch one more time.