Friday 14 June 2013

Pinny & I go to Shaw's Corner

Well today turned out quite unexpected after all!

First of all we thought we were going to Wimpole Hall Estate Farm...only to find the House is closed on a Friday.  So then the big people decided we would be go to Clivedon.  As we were driving along the M25, the sky got blacker and the rain came down and as there is no house to go into at Clivedon it was decided it would be too wet so we turned around and rethought our journey.

A nice lunch out at the Dutch Nursery and then we headed off to Shaws Corner, the country home of the playwright George Bernard Shaw for 44 years!

Taken from the National Trust Website:

No dwelling place can rival Ayot:

So there I labour at my job,
And boil my kettle on the hob
Deeming I have the best of reasons,
For staying here through all the seasons.

Playwright, politician, philosopher and wit George Bernard Shaw lived in this Edwardian villa for over 40 years from 1906. When he moved in, he was at the height of his fame. If you'd been walking up the drive 70 years ago, you would have been coming to visit one of the most famous, most photographed and most quoted men in the world.
Today, his home remains much as he left it. You can walk from room to room, enjoying the beautiful Arts and Crafts interiors, and finding fascinating links with the past. The tranquil gardens are a restorative and relaxing place at any time of year. They provide you with a space to reflect on the wit and wisdom of this great man of words - and maybe find the inspiration to write masterpieces of your own.

What a lovely home it is as well.

As the weather was good, the rain having dried up in this direction, Pinny and I set off to explore the gardens first.

This is his revolving writing shed

Unfortunately you can't go in it....

so I tried to peep through the window...

It was quite sparse furnished with a simple bunk, table and his typewriter.

We then set off to walk around the lovely two acre gardens.

I found some pine cones along the way and brought them home with me.

Pinny loves climbing and exploring as much as I do which is great!

We discussed the vegetable garden and wondered why we haven't done anything in ours yet...perhaps that is something we can do this weekend?

We enjoyed the flowers.

Had some time to play around in the gardens.  Pinny did a headstand..

and not wanting to be out done I showed her I could do one as well.

We stayed up like this for a while....

Until we fell over giggling!

We enjoyed just sitting and listening to the birds.

and imagined how wonderful it would be to live in a place with a garden this size.

Wouldn't it be fun.  Although I think you might need a ride on mower to do the lawns!  Cool!

We continued our walk around the gardens before going into the house.

Chatting non-stop about everything!

Took some time to climb a couple of trees.

Pinny waves...

Hi Mom!  I tried to explain that her Mom was too far away to see, but she said she was waving for the photo.  That makes sense!  I think she looks especially pretty in this photo, but don't tell her.

Pinny and I stand in front of the house.

We both wave this time...

and call out our greetings.

Pinny takes a rest in the scullery...I told her not to spend too long in their, or they might get her to do the dishes!

They actually had this grand oven lit and the kettle was quietly boiling for a cup of tea for the volunteers who work in the house.

Isn't it magnificent?

The dresser with the crockery.  I thought this was a bit boring, but Mum said that Pinny's Mom might like to see it.

This was fun.

Pinny pushes round the knife sharpener.

We stand an look in awe at Shaw's library/office.

I liked this just outside the doorway of the office.  Not sure why it was there, but I wouldn't mind a tool kit like this!

This was his bedroom.

This was his wardrobe with some of his clothing hanging up inside and on the doors.

In what would have been Charlotte's bedroom (Shaw's wife) was this old exercise bike.  Quite different to the modern day versions!

A living room

Dining room, with some of his papers on the table...looks a lot clearer than our dining room table!

Not sure why Mum took a photo of this, but anything musical and well it has to feature and of course Bernard Shaw did like his music so it makes sense I guess.  

Pinny got a souvenir pin badge and of course the entry sticker which she wants to keep as well.  I think we are going to have to make a scrap book for her!

I wonder where our next adventure will be.

Cheerio for now.


  1. I have a good bio of Shaw but I never thought of looking his house up online--lovely to see. Makes you wish for a simpler time.

    What is Henry going to do when he has to leave Pinny in the States after he takes her home? He will be sad.

    1. Indeed, I am sure life was less complicated then...although they still had their battles. Shaw's was apparently with the council over an eyesore of a quarry he could see from his house!

      I will miss Pinny indeed, she is great fun!

  2. Amazing photos of Shaw's Corner!!!! I am looking at them over and over again. The gardens, the grounds, the dresser, the crockery, furnishings, everything is just wonderful :) I feel like I am there with Pinny and Henry :). The head stands and tree climbing were so great too. What an awesome day!!!! It is wonderful to see these beautiful photos through the eyes of the children. Thank you for sharing <3

    1. So glad you enjoyed our post - Pinny sends her love :-)

  3. Fab adventure and I am glad you ended up visiting somewhere interesting even though it wasn't your original choice. Must go there sometime.

    1. Pinny and I were surprised we enjoyed it as much as we did as we were really disappointed about not being able to go to the farm.

  4. I love seeing visits to these famous historical places.
    'Dear' Henry seems to be enjoying himself as always and looks as though he is thoroughly delighted to have tomboy Pinny's company.

    BTW she is looking very pretty in her new dungaree's and with her hair in bunches.

    1. So glad you enjoyed our post Aunty Kendal. I think Pinny looks great as well ;-)

  5. Just loved Henry and Pinny's visit to the Shaw house and beautiful the flowers and all were.
    Great that Henry not only has his own Facebook page but a special is that.
    Henry, you keep up with your adventures, we love reading abaout them.

    Winnie in California (still anonymous....LOL will get the google thing strightened out some day !

    1. It was a beautiful garden and lovely house - not flash like Waddesdon Manor, but interesting never the less and more in keeping with how the average person may have lived.

      Glad you enjoyed the post.

  6. What a wonderful story you have told. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! Henry and Pinny, you are troopers!

  7. Lorraine, Your photos and stories are magnificent!

  8. That looks a really interesting place to visit Lorraine, I'd not heard of it before. However, the house looks very familiar, I wonder if it's been used in filming something for television, such as a Miss Marple or another series like that? It certainly would fit in well in one of those, wouldn't it!
    Anyway, looks like the kids really enjoyed themselves and Pinny is going to have such a lot to tell her mum when she returns home next month!

    1. It really was interesting. I'm not sure if it has been used for filming or not. I'm guessing that several NT properties may well be used for various events and things at some stage.

  9. Great posts and photos! I love when they are doing headstands, so cute. You really make the dolls come alive like no one else can. They are exactly like two little friends. We don't really have so many charming old places to visit like that in the US...we do have some, but the ones that have been preserved and turned into museums tend to be more "grand" (or ostentatious?) like the Vanderbilt Mansion, or the Dupont Mansion or so on...this looks so delightful. Thank you, as usual, for taking the time to share with us :)

    1. Thank you so much Kirsten for your lovely comment. So glad you enjoy the posts. They really are great friends already!