Friday 28 June 2013

Cornwall Holiday - Boscastle

On Sunday we went to Boscastle, a beautiful picturesque village and harbour with impressive cliffs to climb with amazing views and of course the pretty quaint village.  Of course it is probably better known now for the terrible flash flood that hit it in August 2004 which caused extensive damage to the village.  The rescue operation was the largest peacetime operation ever launched in the UK and many people were rescued via helicopters with no fatalities and only one minor injury.  

As we walk down the through the village we admire the beauty of the village, and find it hard to marry up the  devastating pictures of the flood and all the damage it caused which we saw in the visitor centre, with the beauty we see now.

However, once out on the edge of the harbour you can see just how powerful the sea is and can imagine the combination of rain, winds, and the river meeting the sea, just what is possible.

It was soooo windy, that we had to be careful not to be blown off the rocks and into the sea!

It wasn't very warm either!

We marvelled at this huge caterpillar and are curious to know what it turns into!

Walking up the coastal path, climbing over the turnstile.

It is still windy even up here sheltered by the hedges.

The cliff path took us to the Willapark headland and the ex-folly which is now used as a coast watch lookout.

We were a little worried about how windy it was, but the views were really spectacular as you can see behind us as we pose on the cliff tops.

Another caterpillar.

Back down from the cliffs we find it is still quite windy, but a little bit more sheltered...

Hey Pinny, look this way!

We have a sit down before we have to head off back to the car.  We imagine what it must have been like years ago being fisherman and living in the fisherman's cottages before electricity and all the mod cons we have today...  We decide that we are lucky!


  1. i love Boscastle, so beautiful. Hopefully the work they have done with the river will help prevent floods in the future, it was fairly freaky weather which caused it.

    1. It is a lovely place indeed and I too hope that future floods will be prevented. There was another one in 2007, although not as serious - but I would imagine further improvements have been made since then.

  2. Lovely photos Lorraine, glad to hear that you all had a lovely holiday in Cornwall, but my goodness that weather! Made me shiver just looking at the kids all dressed up in their warm weather gear! I loved the rugged landscape though and the rough sea, I love the sea whatever the weather!

    1. The weather was pretty diabolical! Only in England can you go on holiday in Summer and have to wear warm coats etc... But I too just love the sea. I used to live five minutes walk from it in NZ and miss it so much.

  3. Wonderful photos of a beautiful and most interesting place!!! Henry, you are so brave to stand so close to the cliff's edge. It is an amazing place but it certainly was windy and maybe slippery!!! So nice of you to show Pinny around on your wonderful holiday!!!!! I really enjoyed your photos and it's almost like being there with you :)

    1. We were indeed very brave! I quite admire Pinny's gumption and get up and go - she was up for everything! So glad you enjoyed our photos.


  4. The sea is magnificent in all weather! What a wonderful adventure!