Saturday 29 June 2013

Cornwall Holiday - Trelissick

Our next stop was the wonderful National Trust property Trelissick and its amazing garden which really was quite impressive and much larger than we originally thought - we had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon exploring it all.

The first thing you see as you approach the entrance is the Water Tower which was built for irrigating the estate and for fire control.  Now it is a holiday cottage!

Who is this funny person? She is very tall!

We spy this little hole in the bottom of the tree and wonder who lives in there - we are sure something does as the entrance looked like it had been used recently.

Across the fields you could see the sea.

The house is private - but it is grand!  Imagine living here.

We meander round the paths admiring all the different plants.  The garden blossoms with colour and scent - so many little plants to delight the senses.

Caught you filming us!  Hey there!  'Dad' enjoyed the garden as much as we did.

Pinny was surprised to see this log with the coins pushed in to it.  I agree - it is a strange thing to do, but have seen it before.

Fungi growing on the side of the log.

Closer look at all the coins.

We stop for a little sit down. Pinny was a little tired so I put my arm round her so she could lean back for a little while.

We watched the blackbird looking for food.

At the bottom of the garden is the Ferry landing where you can catch the river boat to Truro, St Mawes or Falmouth.

Enjoying the woodland walk.

We couldn't forget some customary tree climbing!

This branch was perfect and we pretended were riding a horse.


Look, no hands Mum!

Me too, Mom - waving to you from Cornwall!  Pinny shouts out.

There were great trees to climb - Pinny and I could have spent ages here.

Oh we did apparently!

We walk along the coastal path and find this giant fish.

I tell Pinny it reminds me of some of the Maori legends and how Māui  fished up the North Island from the sea.

I wonder what this fish means?

Down on the rather rocky shore line.

Climbing the rocks, Pinny beats me to the top!

I'm the Queen of the Castle she sings out.

Back down on the beach (although the sand seems to be missing!) we are finally able to take off our cardigans as it has warmed up.

Not many shells to see, just rocks and stones.  I think Pinny did find one little yellow shell though.

Heading back over the fields we make our way back, admiring the view as we go and wishing we lived here.


  1. Trelissick is a very beautiful place, even the water tower is beautiful :). It looks like you and Pinny had such fun exploring, climbing, and enjoying your visit. How very wonderful :). Thanks for sharing your photos dear Henry. <3

    1. It is indeed and was one of our favourite places to visit.

  2. Love the sculptures and amazing trees...

  3. What a wonderful adventure. Thanks for sharing the marvelous pictures. So peaceful and nurturing to the soul. Henry, you and Pinny look so great outdoors together :)