Monday 10 June 2013

Pinny arrives!

Look a travel box!

Rory, Henry and Emily are most excited, a box like this usually means either a new member of the family or a visitor....

Rory is most anxious to see who is inside...

Come on you two he says, stop chatting and lets open it up.

Henry and Emily start to open the box while Rory looks on

They listen carefully...

Can you hear anyone in there?  Rory asks.

I think so, replies Henry.

What's this?  Doesn't look like a person to me?  Henry says.  Emily looks puzzled and Rory is astonished...

Must be for Mum they say and toss it aside.  Although I think Mum will be very happy indeed!

They all look into the box...

Oh dear....Rory steps back...

Screams and runs off...Henry and Emily just look a bit surprised...but are not worried.

Help!  Cries Rory.  A mummy and it's alive!

The 'mummy' starts to sit up, further increasing Rory's fright!

Henry and Emily are completely unfazed and help the 'mummy' out of her travel box.

Emily helps her take the covering off her face.

'Phew!  Says Pinny, that is better, now I can see.

Hi Pinny, welcome to our home.  This is Emily.  Henry introduces Emily.  She helped you take off your face and hair protector.

Thank you Emily.  Why did someone scream?  Pinny asks.

Oh that was Rory, replies Emily.  I think he has been reading too many Egyptian books recently.  

He thought you were a mummy.  Henry tells Pinny.

They have a little laugh and then Emily goes off to get Rory to reassure him.

Come on Rory, there is nothing to be scared of.  

Come and meet Pinny, she is our guest until Henry goes to the Sasha Festival in the USA.  Don't be frightened, she was just wearing a face and hair protector for the journey, us girls do that.  Emily explains to Rory.

Emily brings Rory over.

Rory, meet Pinny, Henry says with his arm round Pinny protectively.

Rory is a little shy and a little embarrassed, but says hello and they all chat for a little while.

Pinny why don't you get changed and I can take you outside to see the garden.  Henry asks her.

A little later they are wandering around the garden, heading to the rhubarb plant which Henry is ever so proud of. it is this tall!  Henry explains to Pinny as she looks up in awe.

I don't think Pinny has ever seen a rhubarb plant like this before.  

Hopefully we might be able to have some rhubarb crumble while you are here, he tells Pinny.

Oh wouldn't that be lovely, Pinny replies.

They continue their exploration of the garden


  1. Super story! You may tell Rory that I had a start when I first looked at that white face myself! You can laugh at me too, but maybe also I tread too much egypian books?
    Wishing you lots of fun together!

    1. Oohhh, my first comment, thank you Fanny for visiting. I will be sure to tell Rory that he is not alone in being startle and somewhat frightened at the thought of a real live mummy! We certainly hope to have lots of fun.