Saturday 29 June 2013

Cornwall Holiday - Trerice

 Monday was a busy day and saw us visiting several places all of which were thoroughly enjoyable.

Trerice was the first place we visited.  A National Trust property this Elizabethan style manor house retains much of its original features and really was interesting to look through it and enjoy the gardens.

Here we are, posing in front of our 'grand residence'.

Venturing in....

Within the grand hall was armoury that we could try on...

This chain mail looks a bit heavy for us I tell Pinny.

I could try this on though!

Do you think the helmet is a bit big for me?  Pinny asks.

On the table there were games and a puzzle for us children to play and do.

We try and do the puzzle - but it was HARD!

This looks interesting.

This sign tells us all about the tankard.  What a shame it is damaged, but how wonderful that these things are still here for us to look at and admire - all the detail is amazing.

Oh if only I had been a little bit bigger I could have tried this on!

We weren't allowed to take pictures in the rest of the house as apparently many of the items are on loan from other places and they don't have permission for photography.  However.... we got many admirers as people asked what we were doing.  I told them all about how I offer holidays and that Pinny was over from the USA to visit me.  A couple of ladies apparently had Sasha children as well and one of them said that when we got to the bedroom she would let us have our photo taken on the bed!  How lucky were we?!

Here we are, I think Pinny felt quite in awe at sitting on such a magnificent bed.   A bit different to our sleeping bags!

I thought we should have taken our shoes off, but the lady said it was okay.  

Once we a had finished looking through the house we headed outside.

First up was a game of kayles (Cornish bowls)

Pinny wanted to play with this large set.

I decided to go for the smaller set as the ball looked more manageable

Yeah!  I knock some over and give a good cheer.

The courtyard.

The vegetable garden.

The gardens weren't huge, but still very interesting to walk round and enjoy.  

To finish off we read the information signs (which we probably should have read on the way in!)


  1. Hello Henry
    It looks as though you two are having lots of fun. Pinny will have lovely memories to take back to the US.
    I wish Rhodri could have come with you :o( but perhaps three would have been a crowd.
    Enjoy the rest of Pinny's visit. Are you back from Cornwall yet? How long is Pinny staying with you?
    Jenni xx

    1. Hello Jenni, so lovely to have you commenting. We had such a lovely time and yes indeed Pinny will have lots of memories and souvenirs to take back with her to the US.

      Such a shame about Rhodri - I do hope he is okay wherever he may be now. :-(

      We got back from Cornwall last night. Busy blogging as Mum has a busy week ahead with lots to do and make!

      Pinny will be travelling with me the US so only has another week and a bit left here.

  2. I absolutely loved the "bowling" pictures! Henry and Pinny are the luckiest of Doll Friends!

  3. What a great visit this was for you, Henry and also for Pinny and Mum :) love the photos of the beautiful bed, Pinny in the helmet, and pretty grounds :). Trerice is a fabulous place and looks like you all had great fun :)

    1. We had such a good time here and it was fun trying on the various items.

  4. Those cheeky little imps, were they reprimanded for lying on the bed and getting in the armor? The bowling pics are just fab. Looking at these pictures is a lovely way to start a gloomy Sunday. Thanks Lorraine x

    1. They were given permission to go on the bed AND the armour was for all to try on as they wanted fortunately. They had fun indeed.