Saturday 29 June 2013

Cornwall Holiday - Trengwainton

We started our day at Trengwainton Gardens in Penzance.  Slightly warmer today, although still no real sunshine and blue skies unfortunately.  Perfect for walking through these wonderful gardens though.

Lots of the gardens in Cornwall have New Zealand plants much to my Mum's delight - she says it reminds her a little of home which she misses so much.

Another native to New Zealand a large fuschia

Another spot in these wonderful gardens that reminded both me and my Mum of our holiday in New Zealand last year and our walk through the native bush with her Dad.

There was a lovely little stream trickling behind us.

Moving on we had to climb on these sawn logs.

They were ever so soft to sit on due to the lovely green moss growing over them.

Percy seemed to enjoy these gardens as well.

Walking over the bridge...

...hoping there are no trolls underneath it....

...we braved a look and fortunately nothing jumped up to startle us.  Just lovely peace and quiet.

In the distance you can see the sea, although it wasn't very clear today due to all the clouds.

Trengwainton House, the private estate of the Bolitho family.  Sometimes there are birds on the lawn apparently, but there weren't any today.

Looking back across the pond to the little bridge we stood on earlier.

So beautiful

Beautiful gardens

We were interested to see that they have a 'Dig for Victory' garden complete with Anderson Shelter

Looking at the chickens.

A secret little seat!

I had to show Pinny this tree and told her all about the same trees on my Mum's Dad's place in New Zealand

They missed out on all the other wonderful properties of Manuka - namely the medicinal properties and  therapeutic effects of the honey that is produced by the bees in New Zealand - a sure fire remedy for colds and infections!

The lovely kitchen gardens utilising all the space available to very good effect.  

We ask why our vegetable garden at home doesn't look like this...

I can't tell you the reply!

The little ornamental pond in the vegetable garden

The garden combined vegetables and flowers just perfectly.  I've told Pinny we should try and help Mum out in our garden at home!


  1. This post was totally amazing!!! The Maori connection, the WWII gardens and shelters and signs, the pond and bridge....and secret!

    1. Very special and amazing place indeed. We loved it here.

  2. Every photo is lovely!! What amazing gardens and a peek at history!! Henry looks right at home on the estate grounds!! Love Pinny's plaits too!!!

    1. I think Henry wishes he had an estate like this! Mind you I think we all did. :-)