Thursday 13 June 2013

Pinny likes climbing trees - my kinda girl!

A girl who likes climbing trees!

So pleased Pinny likes to climb trees as well.  

We had good fun in the apple tree this afternoon

Just chatting and talking about things.  

We are hoping to watch Toy Story later!

Pinny loves Jessie

and I of course am a Woody fan!

Pinny asks me if we have any cowboy gear

I do!  I tell her...

We plan for our Toy Story 'movie time'


  1. The overalls you made look wonderful, she seems to be having fun!

    1. She is indeed, despite the not so good weather so far.

  2. super made the overalls? Sigh, sometimes I just wish I WAS a Sasha...simple life, joyful childlike pleasures....

    1. Yes indeed I did. They are a prototype - I did some changes to a pattern I had...

      I do as well! Wouldn't life be so much easier? :-)

  3. So wonderful to see Pinny and Henry in the tree!!! The Toy Story theme will be fantastic!!! Hey Henry, "You've got a friend in me". :). Wonderful photos and love her overalls :)

  4. Love the overalls! Pinny and Henry look like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves! Nicky and Nina say hello...

  5. Great to see the 'kids' outside enjoying a bit of tree climbing, an activity that that you don't often see much of these days, no doubt due to our stringent health and safety rules.
    I remember spending a fair portion of my childhood playtime deep up amongst the branches of our garden Yew Tree, hiding, reading, thinking, debating and out of reach of my younger brothers and sister!