Saturday 29 June 2013

Cornwall Holiday - Godophin

After visiting Trengwainton Gardens we headed on to Godolphin Gardens.  The house was built in the late 15th Century on the site of an earlier fortified house, Godolphin Castle, and indeed the house resembles a castle in many ways.  It must have been very fashionable and impressive in its day.

Our first stop was to look around the stables. These date from the late 16th century and must have been amazing in their day.  They are well preserved indeed.

You can see the mounting block and the granite trough.

The National Trust are continually working on the property and it is truly a conservation project in progress.

We walk round to the Kings Garden, hoping to get a glimpse of the King (?)  Apparently it was named after a visit in 1646 by the Prince of Wales, who was later to become King Charles II.

We went into the Courtyard - it must certainly have been amazing in its day.  

A study of a giant poppy!

Walking up to the ponds which date back to the 16th and 17th century, possibly earlier.  It is thought that they might have been stocked with fish for the Godophin kitchens.

We look at fish - possibly was a fountain at the edge of what were the pools.

The dilapidated cowsheds which date from the 18th century. 

It was quite late when we got here so we didn't get a chance to walk around the whole estate. but enjoyed the gardens surrounding the estate.


  1. Now this is the way to study history! Henry and Pinny are so very lucky...

  2. What a lovely place. DH wishes we had those old cow sheds - it would be worth having a small herd again if we did. Typical man - show him a lovely old house and he wants the outbuildings!

    1. Ha ha, laughing at your DH wanting these cow sheds....they need quite a lot of work!